the girl with violets in her lap (slammerkinbabe) wrote in youtubebroadway,
the girl with violets in her lap


Am I the last one to be exposed to the amazingness that is this video? It's Julie Andrews doing "Not Getting Married" in Putting It Together. More specifically, it's Julie Andrews doing all the parts in "Not Getting Married" in Putting It Together. Hello virtuoso Julie! (I especially love when she sings about getting married to Amy. For predictable reasons.*) When I first clicked on this video I wasn't 100% sure how it was going to work, though I'm not sure why -- maybe because the song is usually played heavy on the broad comedy and light on the vocal technique. But I'd forgotten that a.) I hate that it's usually light on the vocal technique (no you may NOT talk your way through the whole song, players of Amy, you're supposed to sing SOMETIMES), and b.) Julie Andrews' diction is, like, the best in the world. Which means she can do this song at six hundred miles an hour and put every word through clear as crystal.

Anyway, I adore Julie Andrews, and I love this song when it's done right, and I'm finding it highly amusing that she sings all three of the parts here, just because that's so Julie. In short, I love this video enough to resurrect this community after nine months of dormancy. But hey, if other people want to start posting here again too, that'd be fun!

*Why can't the woman in the show be named "Carol", though? It scans the same. Humph.
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