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Vicki Clark'd

hokay, so, this is Vicki Clark. basically, she's the cutest most amazing everything ever. I had the nerve wracking experience of meeting her last week and I've been on a Vicki high ever since. so, I decided to post two [two!] youtube clips of her. the first is from the PBS broadcast of The Light in the Piazza [part of "Live from Lincoln Center"], for which she won the Tony. this is "Fable", which is Margaret's last song in the show. and it's...breathtaking.

this clip, so you can all see moar of her cute, is from her recent master class at Interlochen Arts Academy. she's every bit as endearing and sweet in person, and a fabulous vocal coach.

moar info about Vicki can be found at her Official Site, which I visit no less than 100 times a day.
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