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I am terribly conflicted about posting this video because I am a huge fan of Bernadette Peters and think she pwnz pretty much everything she ever does, including blinking and probably going to the bathroom. However, that said, I have got to post this Forbidden Broadway parody of her in Gypsy (ignore the video, it's some random mashup with Bette Midler in Gypsy, and it's irrelevant - focus on the audio):

IT SOUNDS JUST LIKE HER. HAHAHA I FALL. Apparently this is someone named Jennifer Simard who's currently in 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, but she totally needs to make a career out of Bernadette Peters impersonation, somehow, because IT IS AMAZING. The lyrics are bitchy and cruel and hilarious, too.

That said, I think the song kind of backfired in its intent, because all it did was scratch the scab off my four-year-old wound of having had tickets to see Bernadette in Gypsy and then having to give them up at the last minute*, making me wish like hell that I could see her. I will post Bernadette parody videos, but I maintain my loyalty!

Man, though. That's funny.

*Long story. Long, painful story.
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