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Am I the last one to be exposed to the amazingness that is this video? It's Julie Andrews doing "Not Getting Married" in Putting It Together. More specifically, it's Julie Andrews doing all the parts in "Not Getting Married" in Putting It Together. Hello virtuoso Julie! (I especially love when she sings about getting married to Amy. For predictable reasons.*) When I first clicked on this video I wasn't 100% sure how it was going to work, though I'm not sure why -- maybe because the song is usually played heavy on the broad comedy and light on the vocal technique. But I'd forgotten that a.) I hate that it's usually light on the vocal technique (no you may NOT talk your way through the whole song, players of Amy, you're supposed to sing SOMETIMES), and b.) Julie Andrews' diction is, like, the best in the world. Which means she can do this song at six hundred miles an hour and put every word through clear as crystal.

Anyway, I adore Julie Andrews, and I love this song when it's done right, and I'm finding it highly amusing that she sings all three of the parts here, just because that's so Julie. In short, I love this video enough to resurrect this community after nine months of dormancy. But hey, if other people want to start posting here again too, that'd be fun!

*Why can't the woman in the show be named "Carol", though? It scans the same. Humph.
Vicki doing big arms

Vicki Clark'd

hokay, so, this is Vicki Clark. basically, she's the cutest most amazing everything ever. I had the nerve wracking experience of meeting her last week and I've been on a Vicki high ever since. so, I decided to post two [two!] youtube clips of her. the first is from the PBS broadcast of The Light in the Piazza [part of "Live from Lincoln Center"], for which she won the Tony. this is "Fable", which is Margaret's last song in the show. and it's...breathtaking.

this clip, so you can all see moar of her cute, is from her recent master class at Interlochen Arts Academy. she's every bit as endearing and sweet in person, and a fabulous vocal coach.

moar info about Vicki can be found at her Official Site, which I visit no less than 100 times a day.
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"The Ladies Who Lunch", Carol Burnett in Putting It Together


I know, I know, my whole life basically consists of going HOMG CAROL BURNETT, so this is not really news. But I just really love this version of "The Ladies Who Lunch", performed by Carol in the Sondheim revue Putting It Together. (I really have to get the full DVD of that, by the way; Carol Burnett + Ruthie Henshall + John Barrowman + Sondheim = LOVE.) It's funny because I've seen a good few of her performances in that revue on YouTube already, and I've not been hugely impressed (with the exception of one phenomenal blooper, but that's a little different). Her version of "Getting Married Today" was funny but not the best I've heard, although maybe that's just because Millicent Martin solidly pwnz the world on that one; her version of "Could I Leave You?", if I'm being honest, kind of sucked; and the rest of the stuff I've seen has been fair to middling. I kind of assumed her voice was giving out a bit, as people's tend to do when they're, you know, seventy or whatever, and my loyalty to her remained firmly intact, but I was sort of disappointed. But then there's this, and it's just... she's... dude, Carol, you friggin' OWN Elaine Stritch. I'm not even kidding. Elaine Stritch is plenty pwny but you, Carol, you are pwnier, and I don't understand why it is that all levels of your performance - not just acting but singing, too - get about 6000% better when you are playing a drunk, but they do, and, oh, man, that video.

Did anyone see the American Masters PBS special, or whatever they call it, about Carol earlier in the week? They'll be rerunning it a few times if anyone wants to check their local listings. It was a lot of fun. The Carol Burnett Show was srs hilarity, people.
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I am terribly conflicted about posting this video because I am a huge fan of Bernadette Peters and think she pwnz pretty much everything she ever does, including blinking and probably going to the bathroom. However, that said, I have got to post this Forbidden Broadway parody of her in Gypsy (ignore the video, it's some random mashup with Bette Midler in Gypsy, and it's irrelevant - focus on the audio):

IT SOUNDS JUST LIKE HER. HAHAHA I FALL. Apparently this is someone named Jennifer Simard who's currently in 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, but she totally needs to make a career out of Bernadette Peters impersonation, somehow, because IT IS AMAZING. The lyrics are bitchy and cruel and hilarious, too.

That said, I think the song kind of backfired in its intent, because all it did was scratch the scab off my four-year-old wound of having had tickets to see Bernadette in Gypsy and then having to give them up at the last minute*, making me wish like hell that I could see her. I will post Bernadette parody videos, but I maintain my loyalty!

Man, though. That's funny.

*Long story. Long, painful story.
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I bring what I hope is ok, seeing as it is Sutton Foster, singing "Gimme Gimme", but it's at Joe's, and the lyrics are a little different... I cracked up, hopefully you guys will, too!

And, to be safe, here are Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal singing "What You Own", also at Joe's, about two years ago. Adam goes a little flat a couple times, but you can tell it's loud in there, and the enthusiasm they out into it is good. I saw them both in RENT on Broadway two days ago and they were great- so much better than in the movie. I nearly cried!

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DUDE BEST-TIMED DISCOVERY EVER. BlueGobo.com: it's a website featuring videos of Broadway performances on talk shows and at the Tonys and the like. But they go way the hell back: I mean, the earliest video there is from 1927 (a clip from the Ed Sullivan show of A Connecticut Yankee, not a show I'm familiar with personally). But, I mean, 1927? I was screwing up my face trying to figure out if they'd had television then, but apparently they did? How the hell did this person get hold of all this stuff?!

But it's kind of an awesome site, especially if, like me, your interest in Broadway is relatively new and you're not as familiar as you'd like to be with its history. I just lost about an hour watching clip after clip when I'm supposed to be editing some hundred-page ESL science/technology thingummy. But, I mean, did you know that baby Beth Leavel was in the original 42nd Street in 1980 BECAUSE I TOTALLY DID NOT KNOW THAT AND ALSO I DID NOT KNOW THAT IN THE 2001 VERSION SHE UNDERSTUDIED AND EVENTUALLY TOOK OVER FOR CHRISTINE EBERSOLE. I'm sorry, but I firmly believe that no one role deserves the combined awesome of Ebersole and Leavel; they should spread out lest it explode from all the awesome. I'm not sure what a role exploding would look like, but I bet it wouldn't be good.

Anyway, here's one of my favorite clips from my hour of procrastination. 1999 Tonys, cast of Fosse dancing to "Sing, Sing, Sing". Choreo, of course, by Ann Reinking. I'm pissed that I can't find any videos of Ann Reinking actually dancing; the Chicago videos of Roxie feature friggin' Marilu Henner. But I'll take what I can get. Here y'are.

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Patti Vogue


So, for my first post, I've decided to post the Tony performance from Stephen Sondheim's Passion. I don't know how many of you are familiar with the show, but it opened in May of 1994 and closed in January of 1995. I could sit here and type out pages on this show, as it's become one of my favorite shows [despite having never seen it live]. The storyline is heart wrenching and dark, but the music is flowing and gorgeous. Sondheim himself refers to it as "one long rhapsody". and that's the best description I can think of.

So this is from the Original Broadway Cast with Donna Murphy, Jere Shea, and Marin Mazzie, but there's also a video of the 2005 Live From Lincoln Center concert with Patti LuPone, Michael Cerveris, and Audra McDonald. if you like what you see here, the concert version is pretty good.


more info on the show can be found here.
the DVD of the OBC is available here.
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So, right now, the interests list for this comm contains two things, "youtube" and "broadway". I was thinking it'd be cool to have a much longer list, but I don't want to select all the items in it myself, because I am not Broadway-omniscient and also because I'm very deeply committed to the important matter of ensuring egalitarianism in all silly LJ communities that I maintain. Plus, in a practical sense, the community members will determine what gets posted to the community, and thus what the community is interested in.

So! Here's a poll. You can enter up to 225 characters' worth of suggested interests in the text box, that being LJ polls' limit. If you want to suggest more than that, feel free to hop on over to the comments. If you're not sure where to begin, think about stuff that you'd either be likely to post or that you'd like to see other people post. Or you can just put stuff you think is important to include in an interests list. Your call.

What would you put in the interests list for this community? (Specific shows and Broadway performers are particularly helpful, since fans of those shows/performers can find the comm that way.)

Thanks, y'all!
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So I just heard that Grey Gardens is closing on July 29. What a shame. Grey Gardens is one of the most moving theatrical experiences I've ever had - Christine Ebersole's performance was kind of amazing to the point of being superhuman. I've been obsessed with Youtube videos of it ever since I saw it. Not sure if they'll mean as much to those who haven't seen the show: so much of the pull of Grey Gardens is in the emotional dynamics between Big Edie and Little Edie, which get lost when you just listen to a single song at a time. I'll take a shot, though. Here's Christine singing "Around the World" on some talk show or other.

She gives me shivers. And when that song gets stuck in my head I start to feel like I'm rapid-cycling bipolar after a little while from the sudden mood shifts. But never mind.